The Village at Gray’s Crossing: Renderings

We are excited to share these renderings of the Manzanita and Aspen models of the residences at the Village at Gray’s Crossing. Visit their website to explore through an immersive and interactive 360° tour of the Manzanita and Aspen models:

24 luxury private residences coming soon to Truckee, CA! Learn more about the Village at Gray’s Crossing by following them on social media and visiting their website.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Why Choose Metal Buildings?

Huff Metal Buildings

Our Huff Metal Buildings division offers our customers state of the art metal buildings that provide solutions for a wide variety of industries and project types. Depending on the design, our metal buildings can be pre-engineered and can offer quick construction, saving our clients time and money. Thanks to a wide variety of exterior options, our metal buildings can be finished to look like stone, brick or stucco and dressed up with unique windows, doors and other accessories. A quick look at our portfolio reveals the diversity available with metal building projects.

LEED Certified

Metal Buildings Mark Gallo Health and Fitness CenterOver the years, our state’s energy criteria have become more stringent which is why we have a LEED Green AP and Associate on our team. We have built buildings that both enhance our communities and preserve our environment. Metal buildings can also be environmentally friendly because they are built using sustainably sourced and recycled steel. The American Iron and Steel Institute reported that 88 percent of steel is recycled and that recycling steel doesn’t lessen its performance. At the end of the day, we believe that sustainable building practices are a win-win providing both economic and environmental advantages for our clients and our future.

Our Metal Buildings Support our Communities

One of our core values at Huff Construction is to support our local communities. We do this through employment opportunities, charitable work and by building projects that add value to the communities in which they are located.  Another little-known benefit of our metal buildings is the fact that they are made with steel that is manufactured in America and fabricated in American-owned facilities by American workers. We are proud that our metal buildings support jobs while ultimately adding value to the local communities where they are built.  Thanks to their high performance and relatively low maintenance, our metal buildings are often considered lifetime buildings for business owners.

At Huff, we partner with our customers to find the ideal building solution for each project.  In recent years, our metal buildings have become a great option for a wide variety of industries and project types. That’s why we created our Huff Metal Buildings division which is led by metal building expert, Tom Cosentino. We encourage you to take a look at our Huff metal building portfolio to see just how diverse the applications for metal buildings can be. Be sure to also check out our newest metal building project, Funsport Bikes.

Metal buildings are a great option for business owners. If you’re planning to build a metal building in California or if you’d like more information, contact us today.

Huff Knows Hospitality Construction

Hospitality Construction

Hospitality construction involves a complex process with many considerations to be made throughout the project. 

Hospitality can be a volatile business that is dependent upon many outside factors. Of course, the economy and travel trends have a huge effect on this industry, driving and contracting growth. In addition, sports team locations and retail growth can drive the construction of adjacent hospitality sites. Change in consumer demand for the type of hospitality whether it be extended stay versus short term stay and the consolidation of chains can also drive the demand for hospitality construction. In recent years, several of these trends have lined up perfectly and the hotel industry has been booming.

For clients who are looking to build a hotel or remodel an existing hotel, Huff Construction is the partner for you. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that are part of construction in the hotel industry. Over our 45+ year history, we have built multiple hotels of varying size and complexity. In each case, we worked closely with the owners to deliver the highest quality hotel, on time and on budget.

Hospitality Construction

At Huff, we realize that hotel owners face unique requirements as they try to offer their guests the best experience possible. Hotels often face the challenge of having to minimize the outside noise from freeways or airports and the inside noise between rooms and public areas. In the case of franchise or chain hotels, owners are attempting to offer a consistent experience from location to location to satisfy their guests’ expectations and ultimately to avoid having to offer refunds. This idea of guest comfort and consistency must be addressed during pre-construction and design. It is critical that this information is included in the up-front planning prior to the commencement of construction. At Huff, we work closely with each hotel’s design team and the owner to address any issues or challenges up front. We bring our real-world experience to the table prior to starting construction to ensure that the project ends up on budget and on time in the end.

In addition to spending time on the pre-construction design of a hotel, we also spend time finding the right team for each job. For example, as we select sub-contractors, we consider the size of the hotel and their experience to make sure that they are a good fit for the job and that their standards match ours. Our goal is always to exceed the industry standard and we believe that creating the right team is critical to getting a job done right. At Huff, we see our clients as partners and we understand the importance of maintaining their timelines and budgets. When we deliver a hotel on time and on budget to our client, they can close out their high-interest construction loan and get their hotel open so revenue can start coming in.

Since our founding, Huff Construction has built our reputation on “Building Excellence.” We are proud of the work we have done applying this core value to the hospitality industry. Above all else, we believe that our number of repeat customers demonstrates that our commitment to the quality and to partnership works! If you are considering building a hotel we hope you will consider partnering with Huff Construction. Follow the link below to view our hotel projects.

Hospitality Projects

5 Ways to Prep for Your Corporate Office Remodel

At Huff Construction we work hard to be more than just the best commercial contractor. We also strive to be the best partner.  We believe that part of being a great partner is making sure that our clients’ projects go smoothly.  Whether we are building a large retail space, constructing a complex medical facility or leading a corporate office remodel, our decades of experience have provided us with the tools to ensure that our projects start, stay and finish on track.

Corporate office remodels might initially seem like the type of job that would not require as much forethought as other larger projects.  However, when it comes to corporate office remodels there is a great deal of pre-planning and thinking that should be done in order to ensure a successful project.  We have identified 5 key Huff ways that we help our clients prep for a corporate office remodel.  As we kick-off the project we walk through these questions together and make sure that they have been considered before design or any other phase begins.

First, the big picture – where is your company headed?  Why are you remodeling? Are you adding employees? Are you changing your image? What is driving this change? Where will you be 5 years from now and are we preparing for that today?

Second, how do you make money? How do we think about that in your remodel? Are we accommodating that? Protecting that?

Third, what is the workflow in your office? What are the interdepartmental relationships? Who needs to work with who? Who are the money makers and where are they going to sit? Where do your customers come in? Who do you want them to walk by? Where do you want your conference room to be?

Fourth, what is important to your employees? Have you asked them? Will they tell you? Do you want us to ask them?

Lastly, what is your image or the image you want to convey? How do we want to communicate that in your building in terms of the flooring, the fixtures, the finishes? Think back on the workflow and where your customers are coming through, do you want to spend more dollars on those areas?

Our years of experience in corporate remodels have taught us that one of the keys to success is taking the time to thoughtfully prepare by asking the right questions.  When you work with us, you can count on Huff to know which questions to ask.  At the end of the day with Huff Construction you get a great commercial contractor and a true partner.

Corporate Office Remodel