Duane Huff founded Huff Construction in 1971, eager to pursue a career in construction and determined to build a great company. It was Duane’s dedication to quality and commitment to hard work that quickly built Huff’s reputation for unsurpassed quality and integrity.

Today as CEO and President, we are both honored to carry on Duane’s vision for Huff Construction. We were lucky enough to each grow up in this business working side by side with Duane. We have worked in all areas of the company starting out in the field doing labor on our summer vacations from school. This foundation of learning every aspect of the business through actually doing it is truly the “Huff Way.”

In 2006, when Duane entrusted us to lead Huff Construction into the future he offered us words of wisdom which we cherish to this day: “It amazes me how often I hear accolades of our work and the stellar reputation we have acquired. Please protect and foster this invaluable asset. We are fortunate to have assembled a company of terrific people which is absolutely essential in achieving our goals, take good care of them.” We both refer to these words often and use them as a guide for our day-to-day work.

Over our 50+ years in business Huff Construction has stayed true to Duane’s original commitment to quality and hard work. We have also followed Duane’s vision of embracing the newest technology and staying on the forefront of the construction industry. We are honored to be leading the great company that Duane built. As we look to the future of Huff Construction we look forward to seeing what the next fifty years have for us in our ongoing pursuit of “Building Excellence.”