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Hospitality Construction

Hospitality construction involves a complex process with many considerations to be made throughout the project. 

Hospitality can be a volatile business that is dependent upon many outside factors. Of course, the economy and travel trends have a huge effect on this industry, driving and contracting growth. In addition, sports team locations and retail growth can drive the construction of adjacent hospitality sites. Change in consumer demand for the type of hospitality whether it be extended stay versus short term stay and the consolidation of chains can also drive the demand for hospitality construction. In recent years, several of these trends have lined up perfectly and the hotel industry has been booming.

For clients who are looking to build a hotel or remodel an existing hotel, Huff Construction is the partner for you. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that are part of construction in the hotel industry. Over our 45+ year history, we have built multiple hotels of varying size and complexity. In each case, we worked closely with the owners to deliver the highest quality hotel, on time and on budget.

Hospitality Construction

At Huff, we realize that hotel owners face unique requirements as they try to offer their guests the best experience possible. Hotels often face the challenge of having to minimize the outside noise from freeways or airports and the inside noise between rooms and public areas. In the case of franchise or chain hotels, owners are attempting to offer a consistent experience from location to location to satisfy their guests’ expectations and ultimately to avoid having to offer refunds. This idea of guest comfort and consistency must be addressed during pre-construction and design. It is critical that this information is included in the up-front planning prior to the commencement of construction. At Huff, we work closely with each hotel’s design team and the owner to address any issues or challenges up front. We bring our real-world experience to the table prior to starting construction to ensure that the project ends up on budget and on time in the end.

In addition to spending time on the pre-construction design of a hotel, we also spend time finding the right team for each job. For example, as we select sub-contractors, we consider the size of the hotel and their experience to make sure that they are a good fit for the job and that their standards match ours. Our goal is always to exceed the industry standard and we believe that creating the right team is critical to getting a job done right. At Huff, we see our clients as partners and we understand the importance of maintaining their timelines and budgets. When we deliver a hotel on time and on budget to our client, they can close out their high-interest construction loan and get their hotel open so revenue can start coming in.

Since our founding, Huff Construction has built our reputation on “Building Excellence.” We are proud of the work we have done applying this core value to the hospitality industry. Above all else, we believe that our number of repeat customers demonstrates that our commitment to the quality and to partnership works! If you are considering building a hotel we hope you will consider partnering with Huff Construction. Follow the link below to view our hotel projects.

Hospitality Projects

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