5 Ways to Prep for Your Corporate Office Remodel

At Huff Construction we work hard to be more than just the best commercial contractor. We also strive to be the best partner.  We believe that part of being a great partner is making sure that our clients’ projects go smoothly.  Whether we are building a large retail space, constructing a complex medical facility or leading a corporate office remodel, our decades of experience have provided us with the tools to ensure that our projects start, stay and finish on track.

Corporate office remodels might initially seem like the type of job that would not require as much forethought as other larger projects.  However, when it comes to corporate office remodels there is a great deal of pre-planning and thinking that should be done in order to ensure a successful project.  We have identified 5 key Huff ways that we help our clients prep for a corporate office remodel.  As we kick-off the project we walk through these questions together and make sure that they have been considered before design or any other phase begins.

First, the big picture – where is your company headed?  Why are you remodeling? Are you adding employees? Are you changing your image? What is driving this change? Where will you be 5 years from now and are we preparing for that today?

Second, how do you make money? How do we think about that in your remodel? Are we accommodating that? Protecting that?

Third, what is the workflow in your office? What are the interdepartmental relationships? Who needs to work with who? Who are the money makers and where are they going to sit? Where do your customers come in? Who do you want them to walk by? Where do you want your conference room to be?

Fourth, what is important to your employees? Have you asked them? Will they tell you? Do you want us to ask them?

Lastly, what is your image or the image you want to convey? How do we want to communicate that in your building in terms of the flooring, the fixtures, the finishes? Think back on the workflow and where your customers are coming through, do you want to spend more dollars on those areas?

Our years of experience in corporate remodels have taught us that one of the keys to success is taking the time to thoughtfully prepare by asking the right questions.  When you work with us, you can count on Huff to know which questions to ask.  At the end of the day with Huff Construction you get a great commercial contractor and a true partner.

Corporate Office Remodel

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