At the heart of Huff Construction, we are first and foremost builders. We take pride in our work and are committed to constructing the highest quality projects possible. While we offer a wide variety of delivery methods we believe Building Excellence must be the foundation of every phase of every project. Whether we are working on innovative methods of pre-construction, in the middle of actual construction, or continuing our commitment to quality during post-construction, our hands-on approach and 50+ years of experience as a general contractor shine through every aspect of our projects.

Pre-Construction Services

When pre-construction services are implemented, the decisions made during this phase can save clients significant time and money.

During pre-construction, the project is fully programmed from all aspects of budgeting and pricing to schedule and project execution. An efficient project, both in design and construction, reduces time, which ultimately reduces cost. This commitment to value engineering is demonstrated throughout our Huff projects but it is never more critical than in the pre-construction phase of a project.

As part of our pre-construction services we evaluate every aspect of the project and make suggestions based on what we feel to be the most practical and efficient approaches. Our evaluation includes the availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement, installation and factors related to cost and the cost of alternative design or materials.

We believe that the efforts put forth in the time leading up to the start of construction are critical to the success of a project. To learn more about our design-build services click here.

Construction Services

Skilled crews, professional supervision and support, coupled with the ongoing involvement of the building owner ensures that every Huff project achieves the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

At Huff Construction, “Building Excellence” is the heart of what we do and nowhere is it more important, or seen more clearly, than during the construction phase of a project. Throughout construction our team coordinates, manages and supervises all activities to ensure that each project is completed safely and professionally, and is built in accordance with the contract documents.

Our construction process has been built with this partnership in mind and places the utmost importance on our ability to consistently and effectively communicate with our clients. At Huff we recognize that putting in the energy and effort to build a strong partnership results in successful projects.

One way we ensure excellence throughout the construction process is through multiple levels of supervision and quality control, along with the active participation of the owner.

  • A job site Superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the project, scheduling subcontractors and ensuring safety and quality through each phase.
  • A Project Manager directs the project from day one and participates in weekly meetings at the job site with the Superintendent and owner to keep projects on schedule and to promote constant communication.
  • Huff’s CEO and President oversee all phases of the construction process to guarantee that our high standard of quality is upheld.

Having these three levels of supervision ensures that each Huff project is built to our highest quality standards. Plus our weekly job site meetings foster ongoing communication and ensure that our projects stay on track and on budget.

On a Huff Construction job site, our employees are professional in appearance and conduct. All sites are kept neat, clean, and organized. We are committed to the highest levels of quality, and we know that excellence begins with an expectation and attitude that every detail matters. Providing framing and finish carpentry with our own experienced and skilled employees is another example of how we ensure building construction excellence.

We work hard to ensure that every Huff building meets the highest standards of quality while exceeding the most important expectations – yours.

Post Construction Services

At Huff, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.

After construction is complete Huff offers all building owners ongoing Customer Service, Renovation, Inspection, and 24-hour Emergency Response services. As part of our commitment to relationship building, we solicit feedback after each project via customer interviews.

Customer Service: Huff-built projects feature a comprehensive warranty. Our dedicated customer service technicians can correct any issue a building owner reports.

Renovation: We handle renovation projects in a quick and cost-effective manner. Tenant improvements, remodels, façade renovations, wall relocations, expansions, door, and window additions; you name it, Huff can do it.

Project Types & Industries We Build