Ringing in the Season of Giving: Huff Construction Team at Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Kickoff

A Joyful Start to Giving: Huff Construction at the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Event

At Huff Construction, we’re as dedicated to building strong communities as we are to constructing outstanding buildings. This commitment was brightly displayed at the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Kickoff in Modesto, California, a festive event ushering in the holiday giving season.

Event Highlights

The Red Kettle Kickoff is a hallmark of the Salvation Army’s holiday fundraising, and the #HuffTeam was thrilled to be part of it. Our team’s energy and commitment to community engagement shone brightly, adding to the event’s festive atmosphere.

Spotlight on Leadership

Garrett Ardis, President of Huff Energy Solutions, served as a celebrity bell ringer. His dynamic participation was more than a symbolic gesture – it was a demonstration of leadership and commitment to community service, embodying “The Huff Way.”

Fundraising Triumph

The event was not only a celebration of community spirit but also a significant fundraising success. Together with other community members, we helped raise a remarkable $156,000, showcasing the collective power of generosity and community effort.

Reflecting on Our Role

The Red Kettle Kickoff reminded us that our role in the community goes beyond physical construction. By participating, we contributed meaningfully to the social fabric of our community, upholding our commitment to “Building Excellence” in every aspect of our work.

The #HuffTeam left the event with a sense of pride and joy, inspired by the community’s spirit and generosity. We are excited to continue supporting the Salvation Army and other initiatives that have a positive impact on our communities.

We invite everyone to join in the spirit of giving this holiday season. Every gesture of kindness contributes to a greater good, helping to make the holiday season a time of hope and joy for all.


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