Employee Spotlight: Bruce Carrade

Employee Spotlight: Bruce Carrade

As a leading general contractor, we understand the importance of having a solid team who instill our core values and qualities in their everyday lives. For this employee spotlight, we sat down with Bruce Carrade who is a Project Manager based at our office in Truckee, CA.

How did your career start at Huff Construction?
Bruce was introduced to Huff Construction during his sophomore year of high school. He continued to work at Huff during his summer vacations while he attended college at the University of Colorado Boulder. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Bruce was a corporate sales intern for the Oakland A’s. Bruce later came back to Huff Construction in 2013 to work full time as a Project Engineer. After working as a Project Engineer for four years, Bruce was promoted to Project Manager.

What is your role as a Project Manager?
As Project Manager, Bruce is responsible for bidding on projects, creating budgets, facilitating the field crew, superintendents, and the interactions between the architect, design team, and building department.

How has Huff Construction helped you in your career development and what have you gained?
Huff Construction has provided Bruce with the opportunity for growth and taking on new roles within the company. Bruce has gained confidence in his ability to manage large projects and develop his project estimating skills, communication skills, and management skills.

What types of training have you done for your position?
The company encourages optimal performance and growth opportunities by providing Project Managers with innovative project management software training which allows them to manage projects efficiently.

How would you describe Huff in three words?
“Collaborative, Accountable, and Excellence.” As a leading general contractor, it is important that our employees possess the qualities and skills that contribute to our mission and vision of providing clients with personalized construction services built on quality and integrity.

What do you like most about Huff Construction and how do you help make Huff Construction a great place to work and play?
Bruce enjoys the company culture and his coworkers. Bruce makes Huff a great place to work by bringing a positive attitude and outlook every day. Bruce also has a great sense of humor and is fun to pass by in the hall.

What are some upcoming trends or challenges that you see in your field?
Some upcoming trends or challenges Bruce sees in the construction industry is the increase in material prices, a shortage of skilled labor, and increasing interest rates.

What do you feel is the most important aspect and challenging aspect of your job as a Project Manager?
The most important and challenging aspect of Bruce’s job as a Project Manager is holding and maintaining budgets and schedules for projects.

What piece of advice would you give to a new employee?
If Bruce could give advice to a new employee, it would be to document everything and keep your paperwork in order.

What do you like to do for fun outside of the office?
When Bruce isn’t in the office he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, sailing, golfing and traveling.

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