Complete project: Joe’s Premium Car Wash – Chowchilla, Ca

Congratulations to Josh Day for celebrating 10 years with Huff Construction and completing his first solo project as Superintendent!

Josh supervised construction for Joe’s Premium Car Wash in Chowchilla, CA which opened last month.

This project is built from the ground up on a 1.5-acre site and includes all associated site improvements. The car wash is a 5,736 square foot building that includes both masonry and wood framing. The tunnel is 132 feet long and is equipped with state-of-the-art Sonny’s Car wash equipment which is fully automated and synergized. Having the finest technology allows the car wash to operate with very little on-site staff.

The car wash is energy-efficient due to an impressive solar array installed atop the vacuum stalls. The building also features metal siding on the exterior with decorative metal screens on the east side of the building.

The Project Manager on Joe’s Premium Car Wash Garrett Ardis did an incredible job with this project being one of his first. If you are ever looking for a contractor, we hope you keep us in mind.


To see more please visit the project page here.

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