Huff Construction is a general contractor that Sacramento businesses turn to when they need quality and reliable service. We know you’re looking for the best commercial builder in the greater Sacramento area. We hope our commitment to the design principles of innovation, integrity, and excellence will lead you to consider us. We’ve been building commercial projects of quality and value since 1971, and we bring 45 years of experience in the commercial building industry to each project we complete.

When your business is in need of a general contractor in the Sacramento area or beyond, we hope you will give Huff Construction a call. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of various clients, from pre-construction planning to post-construction support. If you are searching for the area’s best commercial builder, it is important to look at construction services as well as pre-construction services. At Huff Construction we believe a company’s services should start long before the construction on a project begins. Our pre-construction efforts include detailed project scheduling and identification of the timing of critical events, which will reduce the construction schedule for your project by ensuring each step is completed in the correct order and on time. Along with scheduling, we help your project stay on budget by focusing on bidding quality and cost effective subcontractors.

Bringing Quality Value Since 1971

Huff Construction operates under the philosophy of Building Excellence, and nowhere can this be better seen than on our job sites. Our team is hard at work throughout the construction phase of the project, managing and supervising all activities so that the project is completed professionally and safely. At Huff, we believe that a strong partnership with our clients is the number one factor contributing to a successful project, and we pride ourselves on maintaining consistent effective communication lines with our clients. In addition, we maintain strong relationships and partnerships with financiers, sub-contractors, and architects that also hold the highest standards. With open communication and a clearly-defined contracted construction plan, we can ensure that each step of the project will meet our client’s vision.

As a general contractor serving the greater Sacramento area, Huff Construction has worked hard to become a trusted local business. Give us a call today or contact us online to learn how we can work together on your next commercial construction project.

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