Turlock Christian Elementary School – AIA Design Excellence Award

Huff Construction is proud to announce that Pires, Lipomi and Navarro Architects won the AIA Sierra Valley Design Excellence Award for Turlock Christian Elementary School. Huff Construction is honored to have been the general contractor for this project. We’d also like to thank and recognize our employees Larry Nelson who served as the Project Manager and Miguel Lopes who served as the Superintendent for this project.

Turlock Christian Elementary School

Turlock Christian Elementary School was originally a 34,000 square foot corporate office building on a 6-acre site which was converted into a new 42,000 square foot private K-6 elementary school campus. The school was designed to have state of the art technology and classrooms. The school’s 12 classrooms all include an array of modernized interior furniture creating a collaborative learning environment. Additional campus features are a multi-purpose room, computer lab, science lab, a green screen media room, robotics and fine arts lab, music room, library, and support spaces.

The school’s modern and innovative technology furniture allows it to have multiple uses. Unlike most schools, you won’t find a standard desk at Turlock Christian Elementary. In these classrooms, there are standing desks with stools, stationary bikes, rolling desks, and collaborative design. Seat flexibility allows students to choose their own learning environment.

The students have easy accessibility to store and organize their school supplies in tall mobile storage units which consist of a desk drawer and fitted trays. Teachers have desks that are mobile and freestanding to create effortless changes to the design and atmosphere of the classroom upon each lesson.

Turlock Christian Elementary School


Turlock Christian Elementary School was inspired behind a design concept that would encourage students to engage and adapt to change, to prepare them for their future careers working in a community. This award amplifies the hard work, time and effort put into this project creating the most innovative and modern school in the Central Valley. Building excellence is the Huff way and we are honored to have worked with Pires, Lipomi and Navarro Architects and subcontractors to build Turlock Christian Elementary School.

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