Progress at Pinole Affordable Housing

Progress at Pinole Affordable Housing: A Step Towards Excellence and Veterans Housing

Exciting progress is happening at Pinole Affordable Housing! Exterior siding is underway, window installations are nearing completion, and inside, our team is completing electrical and plumbing rough-ins and starting insulation in preparation for drywall installation.

Partnering with SAHA

We are proud to partner with Satellite Affordable Housing Associates (SAHA), upholding our commitment to Building Excellence. Every step brings us closer to providing quality, affordable homes for low-income veterans and their families.

Watch Our Progress

Exterior work is progressing smoothly with the installation of siding and windows. Inside, our team is finishing electrical and plumbing rough-ins and starting insulation, setting the stage for drywall installation. These advancements mark significant milestones in the construction process. We are thrilled to share a video update of our Pinole Affordable Housing project. Check out the video to see the latest developments!

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative project. Our collaboration with SAHA ensures that we are providing homes where veterans can thrive, demonstrating our dedication to Building Excellence.

Learn more about Pinole Affordable Housing and our commitment to affordable housing initiatives by visiting our project page.

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