At Huff Construction, Safety Comes First


At Huff, safety comes first. Our commitment to safety starts with the top officers of Huff Construction and extends to all employees.  In order to instill this philosophy in all of our employees, we recognize that safety must be a part of every day’s business and actions. How do we bring this to life?
First, we conduct in-person training such as the annual CPR training we hold in March for all of our job site superintendents and management personnel.  Or the quarterly safety meetings that all employees attend.  At these meetings, we identify a new topic based on OSHA guidelines or any current issue and bring in different speakers.  We work to keep these pieces of training engaging and hands-on. Past topics have included things such as fire extinguisher training, ergonomics, CHP driving tips and forklift operation. Spending an entire day together talking about safety and making sure that we up to date and compliant is a great way to demonstrate how committed we are to safety.

Second, we support all of our training with visual campaigns at every office and job site as we work toward our goal of zero incidents on every project.  Our “Think Safety” program is part of the way we are continually building a culture committed to safety.

On a more tactical basis, in addition to following all OSHA regulations at all of our job sites and at our corporate office, the Superintendent of each job site conducts weekly meetings with our employees and any sub-contractors.  At these meetings, they review a safety topic and discuss any potential issues.  They complete daily safety topic forms, daily reports and take job site pictures in addition to making sure all safety inspections are up to date.

Our Project Managers regularly visit our job sites also conducting safety inspections.  To further ensure our commitment to providing the safest environment possible, we have a Safety Compliance group that conducts random job site inspections.

When you choose Huff Construction to be your commercial contractor you can be confident that our commitment to safety extends throughout our organization and is demonstrated at every job site.  At Huff safety comes first!

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