The Huff Difference

The Huff Difference

This April, I will have been a part of Huff Construction for 18 years.

During my time here I have noticed certain things that really do make our company stand out from our competitors. I believe these points of difference are why we have been successful over the past 45+ years, and they are also what will drive our success going forward.

A Team Approach

In a typical construction ‘process’ a client will bring a project to the commercial contractor on paper, and the information will be used to develop pricing and assemble the team to construct it. At Huff, many of our projects are for repeat clients, and our team is trusted from the beginning to negotiate and develop the projects.  Whether we are using a traditional delivery or a design-build delivery method, the team approach that we lead on behalf of our clients ensures efficiency, time savings, and cost controls. The team approach is definitely a core value to success here at Huff.  Additionally, our Huff team itself is key to our success as we work together to deliver our projects.

Consistency Across All We Do

At Huff, we execute a variety of projects using a wide range of building materials. The ways in which we deliver our projects are customizable to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.  Whether a project is large or small there are often many similarities. Many projects require the same scope of work: concrete foundations, frames, electrical wiring, plumbing and more.  While the budget, time of construction and the building materials may differ, a solid, systematic approach is always essential. At our core, we are a general contractor committed to building projects of outstanding quality and value no matter their size or value.

Commitment to “The Huff Way”

Every employee that works at Huff is trained to take ownership for their work and their role here at the company.  This could include everything from their participation during the design phase of a project, to their input towards our processes, and to their performance at a job site.  Our team approaches every project as if they were building it for themselves. This level of commitment towards a project translates into success.  Many of our employees have been a part of the Huff Team for many years which shows how committing to “The Huff Way” benefits our work environment. Our clients also recognize our commitment which is why they return to us to build their next project for them.

Building Excellence from Start to Finish

At the end of the day, we want our clients to recognize that Huff Construction builds excellent projects in a way that can’t be offered by other contractors. Our goal is to have a high-quality finished building but we also strive for more. We want the entire process, from initial budgeting to turnover of keys, to be excellent. We do our best to make sure that our project’s entire process is an experience unique to Huff Construction.

I am proud to have been part of the Huff team for the past 18 years and I look forward to seeing what the next 18 years have in store.

By Bob Ott
VP of Construction Services


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