Huff Construction – In Our Employee’s Words

When he founded Huff Construction in 1971, Duane Huff was determined to build a great commercial construction company. His dedication to quality and commitment to hard work quickly built Huff’s reputation for “Building Excellence.”  In fact, Duane’s endless focus on quality and hard work became so ingrained in our company culture that our employees now refer to it as, “The Huff Way.” After a quick conversation with employees at every level of our company, it is clear that they all take pride in carrying on Duane’s vision for Huff Construction even 46 years later.

Tim Bughi, a member of the Huff team for more than 20 years, stated that “At Huff, we maintain quality every step of the way on our projects. Our jobs are built day-to-day with quality from start to finish. As a General Superintendent I know my job is not just about production, my job is about keeping my eye on quality because that is the ‘Huff Way’ and that is what keeps our customers coming back.”

“Quality is what gets us business which is why we are trained to take the extra step,” according to Will Huff, a member of the Huff team since 1998. “Most of us learned this business from the ground up doing every job.  The importance of quality was instilled into us by Duane himself.”

“In my experience, Huff sets the bar higher than the average contractor to make sure our customers are completely happy with what we are doing,” commented Kevin Ferguson, a Huff team member since 2005.  Shane Sayers, a Project Manager, agreed with this comment adding, “At Huff, we always have the owner’s interest as our number one priority and work to keep them informed with ongoing communication.”

“At Huff, we are proud of what we do,” said Miguel Lopes who joined Huff about 5 years ago.  “We are proud of the quality that we put into every project.  We show our pride through our finished projects and in our owner’s satisfaction. I say ‘we’ not ‘I’ because at Huff we truly are a team.”

Leroy Kinser, a member of the Huff team for more than a decade summed it up best when asked to comment about Huff and quality. “Our goal is to build the best, longest lasting, and highest quality project possible. A project that will stand the test of time – this is the definition of ‘Building Excellence.’ At Huff, we set very high standards as far as quality goes because that is our reputation, and our reputation is what gets us jobs whether they come through referrals or returning clients. We will never compromise on quality – that has been instilled in me throughout my years at Huff.”

The President and CEO of Huff Construction were overjoyed after seeing what their employees had to say about the legacy left by their founder. Brad Ardis, the President of Huff Construction, commented, “It is wonderful to see that 45 years later, we remain true to Duane’s original commitment to quality and hard work.” Gary Huff, the CEO of Huff Construction, added, “We are honored to be leading this great company that Duane built.  As we look to the future of Huff Construction we look forward to seeing what the next 45 years have for us in our ongoing pursuit of ‘Building Excellence’.”

Huff Construction

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