Celebrating Success: Tracy Self Storage Addition Completed

Expanding Capacity and Enhancing Service: Huff Metal Buildings Completes Tracy Self Storage Addition

The Huff Metal Buildings team is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Tracy Self Storage Addition project! We’ve expanded the facility by 21,000 square feet, adding 143 brand-new rental units to meet the growing demand for storage solutions in the Tracy area.

Enhanced Capacity

The new building seamlessly integrates with the existing structure, offering state-of-the-art storage solutions. This expansion significantly enhances the capacity of Tracy Self Storage, providing more options for customers in need of reliable storage.

Uninterrupted Service

Throughout the construction phase, we ensured that Tracy Self Storage continued its operations without any interruptions, prioritizing the convenience of current customers. Our team worked diligently to maintain a smooth and efficient construction process, ensuring minimal disruption to the facility’s daily operations.

We are grateful to our repeat client for trusting us again, 25 years after we originally constructed the Tracy Self Storage facility in 1999! This long-standing relationship underscores the quality and reliability that Huff Construction brings to every project.

Visit our website to explore more of our project experience: huffcon.com

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