AIA Consensus Construction Forecast: 2018

Regardless of rising interest rates, labor shortages, and construction materials, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) projected nonresidential construction spending to increase by 4% this year and continue through 2019.

AIA Consensus Construction Forecast 2018

The AIA conducts a semi-annual Consensus Construction Forecast and the latest release indicates that the commercial construction sectors will lead growth this year. However, the industrial and institutional sectors will likely command the projected construction growth by 2019.

The AIA makes five key points in their forecast:

  1. Rebuilding and repairs from natural disasters
  2. Tax reform implications for construction
  3. Possibility of an infrastructure package
  4. Strong consumer and business confidence levels
  5. Leading economic indicators for the construction sector

To read the full report, follow this link.

7 Benefits of Design-Build Construction

If you’re considering a building project, you’ve probably heard of design-build project delivery. One of the frequent questions we are asked is, “What are the advantages of the design-build delivery method over the traditional design-bid-build method?” As an experienced design-build contractor, we have built over 40 projects through our design-build delivery method. We put together 7 benefits of design-build construction. You can check them out below:

Here are 7 benefits of design-build construction.

  1. Teamwork: Everybody involved in the project works together. We all share the same goal, to build a project that meets or exceeds the owner’s expectations. Since everybody is on the same team, everybody works together to form solutions to any problem.
  2. Accountability: The design-builder is held accountable, including the finished building, total cost, and the entire process. Through the design-build delivery method, the design-builder pays more attention to scheduling and pricing during the design phase.
  3. Efficiency: The design-build firm is involved in the project from start to finish which creates an efficient and effective process. There is a huge advantage when the builder and designer are a part of the same team creating a more collaborative environment.
  4. Involvement: For owners that want to be an active participant in the design and construction of their building, the design-build process is the way to go. By being actively involved in their project, they are guaranteed that the outcome of the project will meet or exceed their expectations. Being a part of the entire process also gives the building owner a strong sense of pride to their building.
  5. Communication: The design-build process is transparent because clients are a part of the project from the design to completion. Having clear communication also means that the budget is defined early in the design process which provides a guideline for construction and an agreement throughout the project.
  6. Time-Saving: Design-build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time because scheduling for the project can begin before the design is finalized, and potential problems are uncovered early. Enhanced communication also keeps everything progressing in a fluid process. The design-build process is adaptive and responsive in the field which means construction decisions can be made without change orders and sometimes without additional fees.
  7. Cost Savings: According to the Design-Build Institute of America, choosing the design-build delivery method means owners can save approximately 6% of total project costs. With fewer change orders and a faster delivery, the savings are impressive.

In short, our design-build delivery method offers peace of mind, cost-effective design, and construction and the ability to open for business more quickly than any other delivery method. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for more detailed information.

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7 benefits of design build construction

Winter Safety in Construction

Safety First

Winter is coming and with it brings unique challenges. Safety is always our top priority and during winter months, we take specific precautions to keep our employees safe.

Wet Conditions

Rain can cause safety hazards such as slippery surfaces and poor visibility. When slippery surfaces are present, it is important for employees to move more slowly to reduce the chance of any slips or falls. If any power tools need to be used, they need to be rated for use in outdoor/wet conditions. All employees must also be wearing hi-vis clothing that is ANSI approved. Working in wet/winter conditions can also cause Cold Stress which is a major safety concern in cold climates.

What is Cold Stress?

Temperature, wind speed and body precipitation are main contributors to cold stress. Other contributors include current health condition, poor physical conditioning, and improper attire. Cold stress occurs when the skin temperature is driven down by said factors which as a result, reduces the internal body temperature. It can happen in temperatures as high as 50° F. After prolonged exposure, the body will be unable to keep itself warm and cold related illnesses and injuries may occur. An example of these include trench foot, frostbite and hypothermia.

How Cold Stress Can Be Prevented

Anybody exposed to cold temperatures for a prolonged period of time without taking proper precautions and preparation is at risk of experiencing cold stress. One of the greatest ways of preventing cold stress is recognizing workplace conditions that can lead to cold stress. Employees should also know the symptoms, how to treat it, and how to prepare for cold, wet, and windy conditions. All superintendents and project managers should also schedule breaks in warm areas, schedule work according to the weather, have employees work in groups or pairs, and provide warm beverages and heaters.

More Considerations for Winter Construction

Snow, ice and low temperatures require increased attention to job site safety. Another important safety topic during winter weather is preventing any slip and fall hazards. Ice can form very quickly in subzero temperatures and should be taken care of immediately. Careful planning is also important for safety and the overall project schedule. While the weather is unpredictable, it’s important to recognize the decrease in productivity that goes hand in hand during winter weather.

Cold Weather Safety Information

Safety should always be everybody’s number one priority. If you’d like more information about keeping employees safe during the upcoming cold winter months, we encourage you to visit OSHA’s website or giving your local OSHA office a call.

Cold Winter Safety in Construction

3 Tips to Prevent Serious Roof Damage

Preventing serious roof damage can be easy but you need to act before any damage gets worse! During certain times of the year, wind gusts, storms and other types of inclement weather can escalate and cause havoc on your roof. The damages both big and small, if left unchecked, can cause serious damage to your roof, attic, and even the inside of your home. The process of handling storm and water damage can be time-consuming and costly.

To help prevent this kind of weather from destroying your roof, there are a couple steps you can take to protect your home:

  1. Roof Damage Inspection If you think you may have damages, hire a roofing professional to inspect your roof. They can spot those small damages and help you get them fixed before they turn into larger problems. Older roofing materials can eventually become loose over time. Small issues are usually a quick and inexpensive repair but they can end up causing a lot of damage in the event of a storm.
  2. From there, see a restoration company about fixing your roof and any other damages that it caused. If there are no damages, ask about having your roof replaced. Every so often, it’s good to have your roof replaced for
    peace of mind and also to avoid wear and tear.
  3. Tree Removal Service for Roof Damage Prevention Have professional tree removal service come and survey your property to determine if any trees will put your roof at risk. Simply removing large branches may be all it takes to prevent storms from causing them to fall and cause problems.

The time you spend maintaining your roof before disaster strikes can save you from spending thousands on interior and exterior damage. When you need restoration work due to roof and weather-related causes, call Huff Restoration to see how we can help you.

Turlock Christian Elementary School – AIA Design Excellence Award

Huff Construction is proud to announce that Pires, Lipomi and Navarro Architects won the AIA Sierra Valley Design Excellence Award for Turlock Christian Elementary School. Huff Construction is honored to have been the general contractor for this project. We’d also like to thank and recognize our employees Larry Nelson who served as the Project Manager and Miguel Lopes who served as the Superintendent for this project.

Turlock Christian Elementary School

Turlock Christian Elementary School was originally a 34,000 square foot corporate office building on a 6-acre site which was converted into a new 42,000 square foot private K-6 elementary school campus. The school was designed to have state of the art technology and classrooms. The school’s 12 classrooms all include an array of modernized interior furniture creating a collaborative learning environment. Additional campus features are a multi-purpose room, computer lab, science lab, a green screen media room, robotics and fine arts lab, music room, library, and support spaces.

The school’s modern and innovative technology furniture allows it to have multiple uses. Unlike most schools, you won’t find a standard desk at Turlock Christian Elementary. In these classrooms, there are standing desks with stools, stationary bikes, rolling desks, and collaborative design. Seat flexibility allows students to choose their own learning environment.

The students have easy accessibility to store and organize their school supplies in tall mobile storage units which consist of a desk drawer and fitted trays. Teachers have desks that are mobile and freestanding to create effortless changes to the design and atmosphere of the classroom upon each lesson.

Turlock Christian Elementary School


Turlock Christian Elementary School was inspired behind a design concept that would encourage students to engage and adapt to change, to prepare them for their future careers working in a community. This award amplifies the hard work, time and effort put into this project creating the most innovative and modern school in the Central Valley. Building excellence is the Huff way and we are honored to have worked with Pires, Lipomi and Navarro Architects and subcontractors to build Turlock Christian Elementary School.

Building Relations Newsletter – Fall 2017

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Building in Truckee-Tahoe Region

Huff Construction Company Truckee - Tahoe California

Huff Construction is proud to announce the opening of our new office in Truckee, CA. The new office enables us to better serve our customers in the Truckee-Tahoe region by allowing us to have a focused presence in the growing market. Our new office is located at 12277 Soaring Way, Suite 105 and is conveniently located a minute away from the Truckee airport and the Truckee Building Department. Our Truckee construction team includes Project Managers Chris Creedon and Bruce Carrade, Superintendent Rick Mayer, and Project Engineer Ryan Gardner.

With the new office, brings new commercial construction projects and Huff is honored to be building the Mountain Lodges in Schaffer’s Mill. The Mountain Lodges are three to four bedrooms and have ample space for family time as they range in size from 2,000 to 3,100 square feet. The lodges have serene views overlooking the golf course and mountain terrain. All buildings have the latest smart technology including thermostat controls, locks, and interior lighting. Schaffer’s Mill is an incredible four-season family community set in the beautiful Martis Valley, between Northstar and Truckee. It’s a place where families gather, celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. You can stay up to date with the progress of the Schaffer’s Mill Mountain Lodges by visiting its project page or by signing up to our monthly newsletter which you can do below.

We are pleased to be building in the Truckee-Tahoe region and we are excited to continue “Building Excellence.”

Best Places to Work in the Central Valley | Huff Construction

Huff Construction is proud to have been selected as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work: Central Valley.

The awards were presented on April 19 at Dustbowl Brewery in Turlock, California in front of a crowd of elite local businesses. Since our founding in 1971, Huff Construction has worked hard to build a reputation for quality and integrity.  Our years of proven performance have made us one of the most reliable and respected General Contractors in the areas we serve.  We couldn’t have achieved this success without our employees and the critical roles they play every single day.

The Best Places to Work: Central Valley is in its first year of program participation in our area.  It is a survey and recognition program dedicated to finding and recognizing the best employers in the Central Valley region. It identifies organizations that have excelled in creating quality workplaces for their employees. All participants receive an in-depth evaluation identifying strengths and weaknesses according to their employees. Winning companies are selected based upon both company data and the feedback provided by their own employees. “The fact that our employees’ input led to our recognition makes this award even more meaningful to us, here at Huff,” commented Brad Ardis, President of Huff Construction.

At Huff, we believe every job is important, and every employee has a role to play. We believe that the tone for the company is set at the top, which is why we believe it is important to lead by example and to treat fellow employees in a respectful, team-spirited manner. We believe in promoting from within whenever we can, and we are proud to reward hard work and a positive attitude.  Our employees truly take pride in their work and enjoy doing their jobs. They work well together and are focused and disciplined about doing the job right. That is our Huff culture, that is “The Huff Way.”

Best Places to Work: Central Valley celebrates jobs and the employers who provide them.

This program is brought to our area by Opportunity Stanislaus, Primes Shine and the Modesto Chamber of Commerce. “The organizations selected for this designation are leaders in their field without exception. Their cultures and emphasis on employee satisfaction are evident in their employee response,” said David White, Chief Executive Officer of Opportunity Stanislaus, one of the program sponsors.  This year’s award winners were: Ambeck Mortgage Associates, Community Hospice, DeHart Plumbing Heating and Air, Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Huff Construction, Opportunity Stanislaus, PMZ Real Estate, Prime Shine Car Wash and Warden’s Office Products.  After the event, Opportunity Stanislaus will publish and distribute a ranked list of Best Places to Work: Central Valley. For more information, you can visit:

As Huff Construction continues to add services and grow, our team will also need to grow.  As we look for new team members, technical skills will be important but fit with our Huff culture will be even more critical.  After all, when we hire an employee it is like adding a new member to the family so we are always thinking about how they will fit in here at Huff. We hope prospective employees see this award as another great reason to want to join our Huff team.

This spring we are excited to announce that we will be looking to hire several different positions including those listed below. If you think you might be a good fit at Huff Construction we encourage you to visit our website regularly for open positions and new opportunities. 

  • Project Engineers
  • Site Staffing including: Job Site Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents
  • Project Managers

Huff Construction would like to thank Best Places to Work: Central Valley and our employees for this great honor. At the end of the day, we recognize the important role that our employees play at Huff and how critical their engagement is to our company’s ongoing success.  With this in mind, as we look to the future of Huff Construction, we will continue to focus on creating a quality workplace for our employees.

Hiring at Huff Construction


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Huff Construction Hiring HeartOver the past 46 years, Huff Construction has built a reputation for quality and integrity. Our years of proven performance have made us one of the most reliable and respected General Contractors in the areas we serve.  We are a trusted construction partner valued by architects, sub-contractors, financiers and most of all – our clients. Clearly, our employees have played a critical role in our success. That is why I see interviewing and hiring at Huff Construction is one of the most, if not the most, important thing that I do as CEO.

Company Culture

I believe that the tone for the company is set at the top, which is why I believe it is important to lead by example and to treat fellow employees in a respectful, team-spirited manner. At Huff, we believe every job is important, and every employee has a role to play. We believe in promoting from within whenever we can and we are proud to reward hard work and a positive attitude.  At Huff, our employees take pride in their work and enjoy doing their jobs. They work together well and are focused and disciplined about doing the job right. Our culture is coined as “The Huff Way.”

Today, we have a large team of highly skilled employees.  As Huff Construction adds services and continues to grow in both existing and new markets, our team will also need to grow.  As we look for new team members, technical skills will be important but fitting in with our Huff culture will be even more critical. When I hire an employee, it is like adding a new member to the family so I must also think about how they will fit in here at Huff.

This spring we will be hiring several different positions here at Huff Construction including:

  • Project Engineers
  • Site Staffing including Job Site Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents
  • In-house Project Managers
  • Accountants

When potential employees ask me what traits are important for a successful career at Huff Construction there are a number that come to mind.  First, a commitment to doing the job right. Second, a sense of pride in your work. Third, strong people skills and the ability to work well with others. Fourth, excellent communication skills. Fifth, a positive attitude and the ability to build goodwill.

Some of the positions we will be filling require specific experience, background or technical skills but they all require the Huff cultural fit. If you think Huff is the right place for you and one of the positions sounds like a good fit, we encourage you to visit our careers page to view our open positions.

As I look to the future of Huff Construction, I welcome the opportunity to continue to build upon our success and grow our team in our ongoing pursuit of “Building Excellence.” After all, “Building Excellence” comes from the heart.

By Gary Huff, CEO

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Bridging Employees to Benefit Our Customers

Bridging Employees Benefit CustomersBeginning last Fall, we set out to build a Huff communication tool with the goal of centralizing our company’s information.

Simply put, we wanted to build a tool that would connect all of our employees no matter how geographically spread out we might be and a tool that would make doing our jobs easier and more effective.

The tool, Huffnet, was built for the direct benefit of our employees and organization but it will also benefit our customers as well. At Huff, we always have our client’s interest as our number one priority and work to keep them informed with ongoing communication. Huffnet will provide our employees with a communication tool that is available 24/7. When our employees are connected and communication is enabled, everyone benefits, especially our customers.

Huffnet provides our employees with a great deal of assets and information that are easily accessible from their cell phones and PCs. Below are just a few assets that our team members can access anytime.

  • RESOURCES: which includes how-to guides, experts to call when an employee needs help and Huff YouTube which are training videos on internal processes
  • IT SUPPORT: a place where employees can find help through FAQ’s any time or submit a support request to get help resolving any technological issues
  • SCHEDULE IT: a spot where employees can schedule everything from a conference room to equipment or even submit a request for manpower

Throughout our forty-plus years in business, we have learned the value of embracing new technology.  Over the years, our Huff team has worked hard to seek out and implement tools and processes that facilitate efficient communication which allows us to better serve our customers. Our design-build project delivery method is an example of a process that we implemented. We incorporate weekly team meetings for clients who take advantage of our design-build process. Constant communication throughout a project is not only critical to a project’s success but it also reaps benefits such as shorter construction time frames, design cost savings, and maximum cost control. We also make use of Skype, WebEx, and Facetime on project sites when projects are geographically distant from our main office. This technology allows us to still maintain a connection throughout construction. Using these platforms also allows us to visually review projects if we cannot physically walk through a project each week.

With the launch of Huffnet, we are proud to add another tool to our employee’s tool box as we serve our growing customer base. We designed and built Huffnet to support our team today and as we continue to grow and expand in the future.  We look forward to Huffnet becoming a part of our team’s daily routine and we know that the benefits it brings to our employees will also benefit our customers.

By Naomi Layland
Marketing/Business Development Director