Bridging Employees to Benefit Our Customers

Bridging Employees Benefit CustomersBeginning last Fall, we set out to build a Huff communication tool with the goal of centralizing our company’s information.

Simply put, we wanted to build a tool that would connect all of our employees no matter how geographically spread out we might be and a tool that would make doing our jobs easier and more effective.

The tool, Huffnet, was built for the direct benefit of our employees and organization but it will also benefit our customers as well. At Huff, we always have our client’s interest as our number one priority and work to keep them informed with ongoing communication. Huffnet will provide our employees with a communication tool that is available 24/7. When our employees are connected and communication is enabled, everyone benefits, especially our customers.

Huffnet provides our employees with a great deal of assets and information that are easily accessible from their cell phones and PCs. Below are just a few assets that our team members can access anytime.

  • RESOURCES: which includes how-to guides, experts to call when an employee needs help and Huff YouTube which are training videos on internal processes
  • IT SUPPORT: a place where employees can find help through FAQ’s any time or submit a support request to get help resolving any technological issues
  • SCHEDULE IT: a spot where employees can schedule everything from a conference room to equipment or even submit a request for manpower

Throughout our forty-plus years in business, we have learned the value of embracing new technology.  Over the years, our Huff team has worked hard to seek out and implement tools and processes that facilitate efficient communication which allows us to better serve our customers. Our design-build project delivery method is an example of a process that we implemented. We incorporate weekly team meetings for clients who take advantage of our design-build process. Constant communication throughout a project is not only critical to a project’s success but it also reaps benefits such as shorter construction time frames, design cost savings, and maximum cost control. We also make use of Skype, WebEx, and Facetime on project sites when projects are geographically distant from our main office. This technology allows us to still maintain a connection throughout construction. Using these platforms also allows us to visually review projects if we cannot physically walk through a project each week.

With the launch of Huffnet, we are proud to add another tool to our employee’s tool box as we serve our growing customer base. We designed and built Huffnet to support our team today and as we continue to grow and expand in the future.  We look forward to Huffnet becoming a part of our team’s daily routine and we know that the benefits it brings to our employees will also benefit our customers.

By Naomi Layland
Marketing/Business Development Director


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