Completed Project: Thermo Fisher Scientific

There are thousands of details that go into building a state-of-the-art facility like the Thermo Fisher Scientific facility.

Check out some of the detailed shots from the Huff Team’s recent work at the 40,000 square foot repository we built for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

This project involved transforming a concrete tilt-up warehouse shell into a climate-controlled space where pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other biological samples are preserved and stored.

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Project Update: Archway Commons Affordable Housing Project – Modesto, Ca

The Huff team is hard at work building the Archway Commons II affordable housing project in Modesto, CA.

Check out these aerial photos taken at sunset that show the progress of the affordable housing development.

The ninth and final apartment building is framed up and ready for the pre-manufactured roof trusses to be installed. This is the second phase of the Archway Commons Affordable Housing Community in Modesto, CA. The Huff team built the first phase of Archway Commons back in 2014 for EAH Housing. Our team also had the opportunity of working for EAH Housing when we built the Avena Bella Affordable Housing Community in Turlock, CA. We are proud to be working for such a great repeat client building much-needed affordable housing in the communities we live and work in.

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Huff Team Work Anniversaries

We are thankful for the following team members who recently celebrated their work anniversaries with our company:


Michelle Hayes, Project Engineer | 5 Years
Alex Aja, Project Engineer | 3 Years
Michelle Ardis, HR Manager | 2 Years

We are proud to provide our employees with growth opportunities within the company. It is important for us to build a well-rounded team and create a positive work environment. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work. We appreciate you!

We are always looking for talented individuals who can grow with our team. If you’re interested in starting or advancing your career, we hope you consider Huff Construction.

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Complete Project: Thermo Fisher Scientific Tenant Improvements

The Huff Team recently completed tenant improvements for our client Thermo Fisher Scientific.

This project involved transforming a 40,000 square foot concrete-tilt warehouse shell into a large climate-controlled repository where pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other biological samples are preserved and stored. In addition to the repository, we demised the space to include a temperature-controlled pallet rack/storage room. Our work also includes the buildout of a shipping and receiving dock with an equipment pad, several office spaces, a conference room, and bathrooms.

The repository has an impressive HVAC system including two 60-ton units that cycle on and off to maintain a constant temperature and humidity throughout the space. The HVAC system also features custom-made “Thermo Fisher Red” duct socks that evenly disperse the cold air throughout the repository. The temperature-controlled storage space features four 4-ton units that run 100% of the time

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Construction Update: Childs Avenue & B Street Affordable Housing

We are excited to share the Huff Team’s progress over a year for the Childs Avenue & B Street Affordable Housing project in Merced, CA.

This project features 5 wood-framed apartment buildings that encompass 117,224 square feet. This project will bring 119 affordable rental units comprised of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments to the Merced region.


Please visit the project page to see more of our team’s progress

Women in Construction Week

In celebration of Women in Construction Week, we’d like to recognize all of the hard-working ladies who are a part of the Huff Team.

Women only make up about 11% of the construction industry workforce. At Huff Construction, women make up 29% of our total workforce.

Tracy Alicea, Project Manager at Huff Construction, has over 20 years of experience working in the construction industry and has this to say about working in a male-dominated profession:

“It has been challenging at times, especially in the ‘old days.’ Sometimes I have felt like I had to bite my tongue, and other times I’d let them have it. I used to feel like I had to really prove myself to be respected. Today, I am glad to be working at Huff Construction. There hasn’t been a time when somebody mistreated me or made my job more challenging because I am a woman. That says a lot about the culture at Huff Construction and the great subcontractors that we work with. A mantra I live by is to treat others with respect, and others will respect you.”

(Pictured are just a few of the many incredible women who work at Huff Construction)

Finishing Touches on the Element Hotel – San Jose, CA

The Huff Team is putting the finishing touches on the 175-Room Element Hotel in San Jose, CA.

This 5-story hotel encompasses 115,000 square feet and features an open-air pool. Some amenities for this hotel include a fitness center, meeting room, bar, lounge, market, and rooms with fully equipped kitchens.

The Element Hotel brand has redefined the longer-stay experience with an outdoor-inspired design philosophy that is clean, modern, and bright. The contemporary hotel is clad with black and white metal panels with bronze-tone highlights.

Please visit the project page to see more of our team’s progress

Completed Project: Wisdom Place Townhomes

The Huff team completed construction for the Wisdom Place Townhomes in Modesto, CA.

This project consisted of the ground-up construction of a small gated community with 8 townhomes totaling 16 units. The townhomes feature three different elevation schemes and two-floor plans all containing 3 bedrooms and 2 baths while ranging between 1,641 sq. ft. and 1,716 sq. ft. Residents of the community can enjoy the outdoors in a landscaped space in the center of the community.

Visit the Wisdom Place project page to see more.

Construction Update: RedRose Montessori Preschool

Framing is complete at the new RedRose Montessori Pre-School in Mountain House, CA.

This new structure will provide 12,560 square feet for the pre-school as well as include an incredible 9,980 square foot play area. Check out the video below to see the new updates.

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