Concrete Tilt-Up
Concrete Construction: Concrete Tilt-Up & Masonry Block
Concrete construction is versatile and comes with many advantages. Concrete buildings resist fire, withstand tornadoes and hurricanes, and even take
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Commitment to Safety First Meeting
The Huff Commitment to Safety
Commitment to Safety At Huff Construction, we recognize the need for a comprehensive safety program and we believe our commitment
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Huff Metal Buildings Mark Gallo Health and Fitness Center
Why Choose Metal Buildings?
Huff Metal Buildings Our Huff Metal Buildings division offers our customers state of the art metal buildings that provide solutions for a
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Hospitality Construction
Huff Knows Hospitality Construction
Hospitality construction involves a complex process with many considerations to be made throughout the project.  Hospitality can be a volatile
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Huff Construction is one of the Best Places to Work in the Central Valley
Best Places to Work in the Central Valley | Huff Construction
Huff Construction is proud to have been selected as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work: Central Valley. The
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Huff Construction Hiring Heart
Hiring at Huff Construction
  Apply Now    Over the past 46 years, Huff Construction has built a reputation for quality and integrity. Our years
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Bridging Employees Benefit Customers
Bridging Employees to Benefit Our Customers
Beginning last Fall, we set out to build a Huff communication tool with the goal of centralizing our company’s information. Simply
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The Huff Difference
The Huff Difference
This April, I will have been a part of Huff Construction for 18 years. During my time here I have
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High Quality Affordable Housing Projects
Many local communities are looking to build affordable housing complexes to offer their residents reasonably priced living options.  Huff Construction
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Dust Bowl Brewing Company
Dust Bowl Brewing Company & Huff Construction
At Huff Construction, we love watching as our client’s projects come to completion.  This is especially exciting for our design-build
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